Types Of Goldfish – Exploring Various Breeds!

Types Of Goldfish

Goldfish come in various types. Types of goldfish are the Common Goldfish, the Comet Goldfish, and the Shubunkin Goldfish with its vibrant calico pattern. These varieties add diversity to the world of goldfish keeping.

Join us as we journey through the types of goldfish learning about their distinct traits and how to care for these beloved aquatic pets.

What Are The Types Of Goldfish – Here Are The Top 5!

1. Common Goldfish: 

These goldfish are typically bright orange and have a single tail. They’re called “common” because they’re one of the most widely recognized types of goldfish. 

Moreover, Common goldfish are known for their friendly demeanour and adaptability to various water conditions. They can grow quite large, so they require ample space in their aquarium or pond to thrive.

2. Comet Goldfish: 

Comet goldfish are similar to common goldfish but have a more streamlined body and a longer, flowing tail. They come in various colours, including orange, red, white, and even calico patterns. 

Comet goldfish are known for their graceful swimming movements. They make a delightful addition to any aquarium or pond. However, they’re also relatively hardy and can tolerate a wide range of water conditions.

3. Shubunkin Goldfish:

Shubunkin Goldfish
Source: roxyaquarium

Shubunkin goldfish are prized for their stunning calico pattern, which features patches of red, blue, black, and white. They have a slender body and a single tail, similar to common goldfish. Shubunkins are hardy fish that can thrive in ponds or aquariums.

But they may require more space due to their active swimming behaviour. Their vibrant colours make them a popular choice among goldfish enthusiasts.

4. Fantail Goldfish: 

Fantail goldfish are easily recognizable by their double tail fins that spread out like a fan. They come in a variety of colours and patterns, including orange, red, white, and calico. These types of goldfish have a graceful swimming style and are known for their elegant appearance. 

However, their delicate tail fins may make them more susceptible to injury. So they should be housed in a tank with smooth decorations to avoid tearing their fins.

5. Oranda Goldfish:

Oranda goldfish are characterised by the prominent growth on their heads called a “wen,” which can resemble a hood or cap. The wen can develop gradually as the fish matures and may continue to grow throughout its life. 

Orandas come in various colours, including red, orange, white, and metallic shades like gold or silver. These types of goldfish are playful personalities and are often seen scavenging for food at the bottom of the tank. 

Hence, Orandas are prized for their unique appearance and are a favourite among goldfish enthusiasts.

What Are The Different Types Of Fancy Goldfish Breeds – A Complete Overview!

1. Ryukin: 

Ryukin goldfish are known for their elegant appearance, characterized by a high dorsal fin and a distinctive hump behind their head, referred to as a “hood.” They have a deep, round body shape and vibrant colours. And that’s why many goldfish fans like them.

2. Ranchu: 

Similar to the lionhead goldfish, Ranchu goldfish have a rounded body shape and lack a dorsal fin. They are prized for their cute and chubby appearance, with a prominent wen covering their head. Moreover, these goldfish are highly valued in the world of goldfish breeding and exhibitions.

3. Lionhead:

Lionhead goldfish are renowned for their unique appearance, featuring a hood or wen covering their head and a lack of dorsal fin. Their distinctive “mane” gives them a regal and lion-like appearance. Lionheads are considered one of the oldest and most prized fancy goldfish breeds.

4. Telescope:

Source: hepper

Telescope goldfish are easily identifiable by their protruding eyes, which resemble telescopes. These eyes give them a charming and endearing appearance, making them a favourite among goldfish enthusiasts. However, their eyes are delicate and require careful maintenance to prevent injury or infection.

5. Bubble Eye: 

Bubble Eye goldfish are characterized by fluid-filled sacs under their eyes, giving them a unique and whimsical appearance. These sacs are delicate and require special care to avoid injury. Bubble Eye goldfish are gentle and peaceful creatures, making them a delightful addition to any aquarium.

Basic Care Tips For Different Types Of Goldfish – Follow These!

  1. Use a spacious tank with good filtration and aeration. Goldfish need room to swim and thrive.
  2. Regularly clean the tank and change a portion of the water to keep it clean and fresh. Test water parameters regularly.
  3. Feed your goldfish a balanced diet of high-quality fish flakes or pellets. Don’t feed them too much, or it might make them sick.
  4. Keep the water temperature stable, ideally between 65-75°F (18-24°C). Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.
  5. Choose tankmates carefully, as goldfish can be territorial. So, don’t put them with mean or fin-biting fish.
  6. Add live or artificial plants and decorations to provide hiding spots and stimulation for your goldfish.
  7. Minimize handling and avoid touching your goldfish unless necessary. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after any contact.
  8. Keep an eye on your goldfish for any signs of illness or distress. If you notice any changes, seek advice from a vet specializing in fish.
  9. Perform regular tank maintenance, including cleaning the filter, gravel vacuuming, and removing excess waste.
  10. Spend time observing and interacting with your goldfish. They can recognize their owners and enjoy social interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which type of goldfish is the best?

The best goldfish for you depends on your preferences and the setup you have. Common goldfish are hardy and easy to care for, making them a good choice for beginners. Fancy varieties like Orandas or Fantails are prized for their unique appearance but may require more specialized care.

2. Which goldfish is the toughest type?

This goldfish is the toughest of all types and can survive well outside. It grows big, often reaching 12 to 18 inches long. The common goldfish looks like wild fish but comes in many colours.

3. Which goldfish is hard to find?

The meteor goldfish is the rarest type. It has no tail and was made by goldfish breeders long ago.


In summary, 

Learning about different types of goldfish shows that they come in many colours and shapes. From fancy ones like the Ryukin to cute ones like the Bubble Eye, each has its special features. 

By taking good care of them and giving them a nice home, we can keep our goldfish happy and healthy.


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