How to Breed Jeeode? – Follow these Steps!

How to Breed Jeeode

After a few tries and mixing my Shellbeat with a Pummel, I unlocked the Jeeode’s cool music in My Singing Monsters. 

To breed a Jeeode in the game, combine a Shellbeat with any triple-element monster from Water Island. With a low 1% chance, you may need to try multiple times. Once successful, await 1 day and 20 hours for the Jeeode egg to hatch.

Dive into the enchanting world of My Singing Monsters and discover the secrets of breeding the elusive Jeeode. 

The Quest for Jeeode’s Melody – Introduction!

In the vibrant realm of My Singing Monsters, unlocking the mesmerizing tunes of Jeeode is a quest that combines strategy, persistence, and a touch of musical magic. 


As a seasoned player, I embarked on this journey to share insights and tips on how to breed the elusive Jeeode. Join me as we dive into the rhythmic adventure that awaits!

1. The Joy of Breeding Jeeode: 

Breeding Jeeode is not just a game mechanic; it’s a delightful exploration of musical possibilities. To begin this melodic adventure, one must understand the key combinations that set the stage for Jeeode’s arrival.

2. Pairing the Maestros:  

The magical formula for breeding Jeeode involves combining two exceptional monsters – the Shellbeat and the Pummel.  These maestros of the monster world bring their unique qualities to the breeding process, paving the way for the creation of Jeeode’s ethereal melody.

3. Embracing Persistence: 

While the combination may seem straightforward, Jeeode’s rarity adds an element of unpredictability. With a success rate hovering around 10%, persistence becomes the key to unlocking the harmonious notes of the Jeeode.  Each attempt is a step closer to musical triumph, and the journey is as delightful as the destination.

4. Breeding Structures:

Placing your Shellbeat and Pummel in the right breeding structure, whether it be the Breeding Tree or Breeding Cave, enhances the chances of success. The breeding structure acts as the stage where the musical alchemy of monster creation takes place, bringing forth the enchanting Jeeode.

Creating a Cozy Home for Jeeode – Where Crystal Happen!

Creating a Cozy Home for Jeeode
Source: Youtube

Jeeode, the ethereal maestro, calls Water Island and Ethereal Island home, cultivating its rare crystal-powered abilities. 


Boost your Jeeode’s earnings by placing favorite decorations like Reflecting Pool, Digger, and Tub Fountain in its habitat.

1. Harmony Among Jeeodes: 

Discover the joy of Jeeode companionship! Jeeode prefers fellow Jeeode friends. Excitingly, it can also team up with Grumpyre, Ghazt, Reebro, and Humbug to breed enchanting monsters like Boodoo, Sox, Bellowfish, and Fung Pray.

2. Unveiling Jeeode’s Secrets: 

Unlock the Jeeode adventure at Level 9, with a cost of 1,000 Gold. Brace yourself for a 36-hour wait, as rarity takes time to incubate. After successfully breeding, you can either sell it for 750,000 Gold or explore breeding for even rarer musical companions.

3. Jeeode’s Musical Mastery: 

Meet Jeeode, famed for its wise nature and crystal-seeing abilities. With a knack for resolving problems harmoniously, Jeeode is a master instrumentalist, never missing a beat. 


Embrace the journey of breeding, where knowledge, effort, and a dash of luck create a musical ensemble echoing with Jeeode’s harmonious strains.

How much does it cost to acquire a Jeeode – Here To Know!

Acquiring a Jeeode in My Singing Monsters costs 1,000 Gold. Gold is the in-game currency players earn by completing various activities, such as collecting coins from monsters or completing goals. It’s like the money you use to buy things in the game. So, to get a Jeeode, you need to have saved up or earned 1,000 Gold.

Saving up 1,000 Gold may take some time, depending on how much Gold you earn each day and how you spend it. Players can earn Gold by playing the game regularly, completing tasks, or participating in special events.

It’s important to manage your Gold wisely and prioritize what you want to spend it on. Acquiring a Jeeode is a significant investment in your My Singing Monsters world, as it brings unique musical talents and adds excitement to your gameplay.

Benefits of Knowing How to Breed Jeeode – Join now!

Benefits of Knowing How to Breed Jeeode
Source: Youtube

1. Unlocking Musical Marvels:

Understanding how to breed Jeeode unveils a unique musical talent to enhance your island’s symphony. Jeeode’s harmonious strains add a distinctive touch to your My Singing Monsters orchestra, creating a more vibrant and enjoyable gameplay experience.

2. Monetary Gains:

Breeding and successfully incorporating Jeeode into your island not only enriches your musical landscape but also presents an opportunity for financial growth. Selling a bred Jeeode can fetch a substantial amount of 750,000 Gold, providing a significant boost to your in-game currency.

3. Diverse Monster Collection:

The knowledge of breeding Jeeode extends beyond acquiring this ethereal creature alone. Jeeode’s collaboration with other monsters opens the door to breeding a variety of enchanting creatures like Boodoo, Sox, Bellowfish, and Fung Pray. 

This adds diversity to your monster collection, making your island a haven for unique and rare species.

4. Strategic Island Management:

Placing Jeeode in its preferred habitat with decorations like the Reflecting Pool, Digger, and Tub Fountain not only enhances its happiness but also boosts earnings. 

Understanding the strategic placement of decorations becomes crucial in creating a harmonious and thriving environment for your Jeeode and other monsters.

5. Level Advancement:

The ability to breed Jeeode becomes accessible to players at Level 9. Knowing how to reach this milestone and acquire Jeeode adds a sense of achievement and progression to your My Singing Monsters journey, making the game more engaging and rewarding.

6. Community Engagement:

Learning the intricacies of breeding Jeeode allows you to engage with the My Singing Monsters community. Share your experiences, exchange tips, and collaborate with other players to enhance your breeding strategies. 


Being part of a community adds a social element to the game, enriching your overall gaming experience.

7. Persistence and Patience:

The process of breeding Jeeode instills the virtues of persistence and patience. As the success rate is around 10%, each attempt becomes a lesson in resilience and determination. 

These qualities can be applied to various aspects of the game, fostering a positive mindset and enhancing your problem-solving skills.

8. Aesthetic Appeal:

Beyond the gameplay benefits, Jeeode brings an aesthetic charm to your island. Its unique design and musical animations contribute to the visual appeal of your My Singing Monsters world, making it a delightful place to explore and enjoy.

Reaching Musical Heights –  Jeeode at Level 9!

Reaching Musical Heights
Source: Youtube

Are you eager to elevate your My Singing Monsters experience with the enchanting tunes of Jeeode? The journey begins by reaching Level 9, a milestone that opens the gates to the harmonious world of this magical creature. 

As you progress through the levels, anticipation builds, and the prospect of adding Jeeode to your musical ensemble becomes more tangible.

Reaching Level 9 signifies a significant accomplishment in your My Singing Monsters journey. It showcases your dedication and progress within the game, marking the point where you gain access to the elusive Jeeode. 

This ethereal monster brings not only melodic wonders but also a sense of achievement and excitement to your gameplay.

As players, we often find ourselves motivated by the prospect of unlocking new features and creatures within the game. The anticipation of reaching Level 9 and discovering the hidden musical talents of Jeeode adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall gaming experience. 

Frequently Ask Questions:

1. What is the success rate of breeding a Jeeode?

The success rate for breeding a Jeeode is approximately 10%. It may take a few attempts, but persistence is the key to unlocking this rare and melodic monster.

2. How long is the incubation period for a Jeeode egg?

The incubation period for a Jeeode egg is 36 hours. Prepare for a bit of anticipation as you wait for the musical magic to hatch.

3. Can I sell my bred Jeeode for Gold?

Yes, once successfully bred, you have the option to sell your Jeeode for a substantial amount of 750,000 Gold. It’s a great way to boost your in-game currency.

4. What decorations enhance Jeeode’s habitat and earnings?

Jeeode appreciates decorations like the Reflecting Pool, Digger, and Tub Fountain. Placing these items strategically can elevate your Jeeode’s happiness and overall earnings.


Breeding Jeeode is like making your own song. Keep trying, have fun, and soon, your My Singing Monsters will sound awesome with Jeeode’s tunes. Enjoy your musical monsters! 



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